Cook like Snoop, 5 ways to drop it like it is hot!

The King of Kush is about to show us how to sizzle the dizzle down in the kitchen. It’s time to get down and groovy! 

#1  Be safe: slip on them goggs when it’s about to go down.  

Snoop and Seth popping on ‘em goggles.

Safety is sexy when it’s Seth and Snoop.

#2  Get in the mix: always start with a little boom shake shake shake the room. 

Snoop mixing and shaking cocktail

It’s potluck party time.

#3  Show em’ your skills: and it’s all in the wrist.  

Snoop cooking the bacon right

Flick it real good.

#4 Be original: cook it like they would never expect it.  

Keep the bacon coming

Like the OG, Snoop D-o-double-G.

#5  Get jiggy with it: top it all off with a pinch of sweet moves.  

Snoop and Jamie dancing to the beat

And shake it like you mean it.

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