6 times Martha & Snoop were #FriendshipGoals

The Emmy Award-nominated duo whip up an unexpected friendship in their hit show, Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party and show us how reel BFFs drop it like it's hot. 

#1  #Twinning is #Winning. 

Martha and Snoop twinning outfits

Rockin’ it real good.

#2  You know it's about to blow up when you got to lean back with it...

Martha and Snoop - you know it face

... and give that knowing look

#3  When you just can't even.

Snoop facepalming Martha eating soggy cake


#4  When the cocktail hits.

Martha spiking Snoop's drink

Ooohweee #stank face

#5  In the end, it's all love.

Martha and snoop - kiss on cheek

Aww… #BFF

#6  …But we know that #BFFs are always down to compete.

Martha and Snoop toasting cups

And we’ll drink to that! #savage

Put your differences aside and get your whip game on with Martha and Snoop at their potluck dinner party. Catch it on TLC every Monday at 9pm (8pm BKK/JKT) from 7 August.

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