Thursdays 9pm, from 17 October (8pm BKK/JKT)

TLC takes a peek behind the curtains and over the fences to reveal the most extravagant, excessive and outrageous things that people are willing to fork over their life's savings for. From tricked out RVs to log cabins that put most mansions to shame, we’ll find out how it’s made, how it works, just what makes it so expensive and why in the world someone spent a whopping USD$8 million on a swimming pool!

Each episode will feature one over-the-top category – log cabins, swimming pools, yachts, floating homes, RVs and BBQs – and six different astounding examples. Witness each featured creation in action as engineers, contractors, builders and designers illustrate how each amenity was designed, what it took to build it and how it works. If there is a big red button that makes something cool happen, you can be sure we’re going to push it!


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Episode Guide

17 October
Slick, high-tech, expansive and expensive, today’s epic yachts are fit for kings. Boating has come a long way in the last few hundred years, and today’s super-sized yachts set sail with all the comforts of home... and then some! Today’s luxury cruisers feature oversized hot tubs, helicopter pads, gyms, steam rooms, sky lounges, and even a main salon that doubles in size in twelve seconds with the push of a button! From 13 to 50 metres long, super yachts have automated everything and it can be all controlled from a phone or iPad.

24 October
The days of humble camper are long gone – these aren’t your grandparents RVs. From a behemoth that tows a 19-tonne trailer packed with toys to a portable party on wheels, these master machines are tricked out with US$700,000 dollar chassis and custom paint jobs worth US$135,000.  There’s nothing about these coaches that’s roughing it. These hulks of the highway are jammed with the hottest technology and power money can buy. And everything is state-of-the-art. These are more than motor homes…these are epic road conquering RVs!

31 October
While many people might dream of owning lakeshore property, the more adventurous opt for having a home on the water. Today’s floating homes feature every creature comfort imaginable including home theatres, helicopter landing pads, fire places, wine cellars and gourmet galleys. With custom hardwoods and high-tech electronics that control everything from lights, window shades, surround sound and dozens of now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t flat-screen TVs, these buoyant mansions redefine luxury. Better yet, there are no lawns to mow!

7 November
Gone are the simple, rustic cabins of the past. Today’s log cabins are all about living the high life; fully equipped with personal sports bars, push button technology, wine cellars, swimming pools and even full on concert pavilions! These homeowners don’t understand the meaning of the word “no” and they’ll stop at nothing to see their dreams materialised. A log home just shy of the length of a football field? Check. No road up to your mountain property? No problem. A log home to remind you of that five-star mountain resort you love? Why not! A home built to house your million dollar memorabilia collection? Of course! And all come with an epic price tag to match.

14 November
Swimming Pools are the new status symbol. Say goodbye to the predictable rectangular pool of the past. In its place is a backyard fantasy limited only by the owner’s imagination. Today’s pools are private five-star resorts with lazy rivers, waterfalls, swim up bars, massive slides, spacious spas, outdoor kitchens, choreographed fountains, underwater speakers and pool covers to transform the space that alone cost more than US$100,000! These backyard pools are the ultimate epic staycation.

21 November
There are people whose native language is BBQ. For some barbecuing is an art form. For others, it’s the pits themselves that have become works of art. Whether it is a pistol-shaped pit in Texas, a smoking bull in Nebraska or a three-metre tall fire-breathing dragon pit in California’s Mohave-desert – BBQ aficionados are making it their goal to create these tricked-out pits you’ll see why they’re smoking circles around their competition.