Invite Mr Wright

Ian Wright

Wednesdays 20.00, from 4 Dec (19.00 BKK/JKT)

Intrepid explorer and globetrotter extraordinaire Ian Wright has probably accumulated enough frequent flyer miles to last a lifetime but he is still on the go! Ian scores invitations to various cities and experiences what each locale has to offer, thanks to the hospitality of his gracious hosts. 

Follow Ian as he flies high with Singapore Airlines, discovers Beijing with movie star Zhang Ziyi, and travels to Myanmar for the first time in his life.


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Episode Guide

4 December
Movie superstar Zhang Ziyi invites Ian to the set of her latest blockbuster  ‘My Lucky Star’ at the old Beijing Film Studios. Within minutes Ian is arm-wrestling Ziyi and palling up with top American director Dennie Gordon hoping to get himself a juicy part in the film! Ziyi gives Ian tips on the movie star lifestyle and how to get the most out of Beijing. Ian goes out on the town with Ziyi’s actor pal, Telly Liu, who shows Ian where to eat the best Peking Duck, get a movie star massage and prepare for his audition. Will Ian get his big break?

11 December
Ian is invited by Singapore Airlines to relax in Business Class and roadtest their A380 route to Australia. He meets iconic Singapore Girl Sharon Kandiah who introduces him to people who make the airline so special, and trains with the cabin crew to see if he’s got what it takes to communicate that special Singapore hospitality. He also tries his hair and make-up skills in grooming classes, and cooks chicken rice for 45,000 people!

18 December
Winter Sports fanatic Longmou Li has invited Ian to Harbin, China, nicknamed the “Paris of the East”. In China’s frozen northeast, Ian becomes an instant hero by braving the mighty Songhua River for the annual ice swim. Ian and Longmou meet larger than life entrepreneur Mr Jia whose passion for the movies is almost as big as his passion for Harbin. Ian, Longmou and Mr Jia plan to make a film so they research Harbin history. The world-famous ice sculpture festival, fireworks and Ian’s love for sports make Harbin a unique experience.

25 December
A big television company in Yangon invites Ian to Myanmar. Here, he meets a cast of great amateur ambassadors, all passionate about this unique and special place. Between meeting the country’s most popular soap star and holding a travel film master class with a new generation of TV talent, Ian learns how to dress, make-up and eat like a Yangon local. He learns about Myanmar history from a collector of rare artefacts and travels to the Bagan archaeological zone – one of the most incredible historical sites in the world.

1 January
Ian is in for a surprise because his invitation to XinJiang in China’s far west comes from a group of youngsters passionate about the world’s coolest urban sport – parkour. After running, jumping and vaulting around Urumqi trying to keep up with his athletic hosts, Ian decides to hit the road with Jackie, the keenest parkour kid of them all. They head for the mountains, where they a meet wild bunch of Kazak horsemen who challenge Ian to ride, wrestle and race. In the ancient city of Turpan they uncover the amazing roots of Uighyur culture through its traditions of food and friendship. In Kashgar’s mud and straw citadel, Ian and Jackie meet amazing craftsmen who have been keeping Uighyur traditions alive.