Surfing the Menu: Next Generation

Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn are good mates who share a love of cooking, surfing, fresh food, passionate producers, travel and adventure. And that’s exactly what SURFING THE MENU: NEXT GENERATION is all about!

In this brand-new series, Dan and Hayden head off on an adventure around Australia in GiGi, their trusty, rusty fifty-year-old VW Bug. On the journey they learn to sail, manoeuvre a four-wheel-drive in the desert, drive cattle on an outback cattle station, share a Tongan feast, snorkel on the Ningaloo and Great Barrier Reefs, catch mud crabs, swim with Manta Rays, and prove that they’re possibly the worst, or perhaps the unluckiest fishermen in Australia.

They also share experiences with indigenous communities, swim at a secret waterfall, search for bush medicines and bush foods, ride horses, and surf in some remarkable locations. Along the way, they meet passionate producers of everything from heritage tomatoes and cheeses, to rum, salt and everything in between. The boys then turn these fresh ingredients into simple, healthy and delightfully delicious recipes that will inspire you. 

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