5 tips to throwing an invite-only party, Martha and Snoop style

Cause when guests like DJ Khaled, Robin Thicke and Rick Ross are in the house, you know your party is going to be rockin'!

#1  Make a helluva entrance, just like big boy Rick Ross.  

Rick Ross walking in like a boss!

#2  Be sure your guests love good food as much as Rick Ross does.  

One spoon, one love.

#3  Bring the Wiz Khalifa-certified baked goods and keep ‘em coming.

Bring the goods to the kitchen.

#4  Show up with your Chris Bosh-worthy A-game smile.

Chris Bosh with his A-game smile

#5  Don’t show them the door, tuck them in with DJ Khaled and Robin Thicke.

No one's getting any sleep tonight

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