Join TLC as we invite four ocean-lovers to travel together as strangers for the very first time. They will venture forth on “Cruise The World” to satisfy your wanderlust! Our hosts team up by pairs and embarked on a cruise trip, making their way to experience the best of 4 coastal destinations: Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Hainan. As their unknown journey begins, each episode reveals these traveling companion’s love and passion for the splendid ocean.

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Patty Lee (Taiwan)

Host, actress, singer and model. Host of TLC travel show, “Fun Taiwan First Timer” and Taiwanese dive show, “30 Meters Underwater ”.



Michele Lean (China)

Television presenter / host of Asia Food Channel. A TV chef ( “Le Cordon Bleu” trained). An avid diver and beach lover.


Anton Amoncio (Philippines)

A chef, drama actor, “Food Hero Asia” winner. Host of Asian Food Channel and The Food Network Channel.


Yvonne Man (Hong Kong)

Journalist / host of Bloomberg TV. World traveler and food-lover. Loves nature activities.


EP 01: Cruise The World: Taiwan

Host: Patty Lee, Anton Amoncio

“Cruise the World: Taiwan” first episode starts off from Patty’s homeland: Taiwan, a beautiful island state. She will meet her new friend Anton on a cruise ship for the first time. After getting acquainted on the sun deck of the ship, the pair sets off to Kaohsiung City.

Patty will first take Anton on a cultural excursion to see the traditional Hokkien architectures and undertake challenges on water skiing at “Lotus Wake Park”. However, Chef Anton knows Kaohsiung City has more to offer when the excitement continues for him to taste the traditional Taiwanese shaved ice dessert.

The highlight of this episode is the moment when Patty and Anton both are offered a chance to perform in the opening show on stage with Ming Hwa Yuan-Taiwanese traditional opera troupes. Patty and Anton at last return to the cruise ship and recap on their exciting day trip over a friendly game of basketball and embrace the next journey.

EP 02: Cruise The World: Philippines

Host: Patty Lee, Anton Amoncio

In this episode of “Cruise The World: the Philippines.” The two TLC hosts, Patty and Anton enjoy a hearty lunch onboard the cruise ship while discussing the exciting agendas which awaits them at the Philippines. Anton, growing up in “The Pearl of the Orient Seas”, will first accompany Patty to visit Puerto Princesa, the port city in western Palawan of the Philippines.

First, via the local style public transportation, jeepney, the duo visits the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, a beautiful white church with Spanish colonial decor. Afterwards, Anton takes Patty to Palawan’s underground river, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is voted as one of the new seventh wonders in the world. They both are massively amazed by the spectacular nature in the cave. What comes more is that Anton makes a thoughtful arrangement of an unforgettable lunch for Patty at “Kinabuchs Grill and Bar”, which has alligator and tamilok featured on the menu. After lunch, they go to the public market to try out local tropical fruits and sea grapes.

Taking a “Bancas”(boat) for Island hopping is one of the best way to discover Palawan. The pair starts their island-hopping adventure from Honda bay. Anton has a surprise to wow Patty by cooking seafood dishes with local ingredients right on one of the remote islands. With the beautiful sunset as the backdrop, Patty and Anton enjoy the best meal ever.

Heading back to town, Anton takes Patty to a live band performance at Katabom Bar. The night ends perfectly with Anton and Patty singing altogether on the stage to celebrate their new-found friendship.

EP 03: Cruise The World: Hong Kong

Host: Yvonne Man, Michele Lean

Yvonne Man, a reporter from Hong Kong meets up with her guest host, Michele Lean, a TV Chef who works in Beijing. On Michele’s excursion tour in Hong Kong, Yvonne begins the journey at Sheung Wan Area and takes Michele to shop for dried seafood goods. Michele always reminisces the taste of her mom’s cooking; so finding that nostalgic dry shrimp is first on her must-do list in this harbor city.

After shopping, Yvonne gives Michele a treat at a classic Hong Kong style café (Cha-Chan Teng), where all the childhood memories in Hong Kong has been brought back to her. The two ladies then stroll around the artsy “Old Town Central” and check out the artistic wall arts which Michele has never seen.  Michele is blown away by the emerging artists and the art culture growth in Hong Kong.

While still in Old Town Central, Yvonne takes Michele to “Dr. Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail”; stopping by several iconic spots such as “Police Married Quarters” (PMQ), now an arty establishment filled with gifts and crafts. They dine at “Madame Fu” restaurant of the newly renovated Tai Kwun, which was previously the Central Police Station, but now becomes a heritage site and exhibition center for artists.

Together with Yvonne’s family, the duo boards the cruise ship. After a rigorous day on land, the pair find themselves some pampering at the luxurious spa and end the night with an exquisite dinner with the family.  

EP 04: Cruise The World: Hainan

Host: Yvonne Man, Michele Lean

Yvonne Man, a reporter from Hong Kong is on a cruise ship with her new mate Michele Lean, a TV chef who works in Beijing. They start a beautiful morning onboard a cruise ship with Yvonne’s family playing mini-golf and challenging each other to rock climbing and water slide activity on the ship.

Their destination is Hainan, a beautiful island off the Southern coast of China. After they disembark from the cruise ship, they get a taste of the local Hainan style cuisine; and then the duo heads off to a nature hike at Bird’s Nest: a tropical national park. They soar above the trees on a high-altitude zip line.

Hainan island is famous for its beautiful golf resorts, the girls get to tee-off early in the morning and then off to meet the beluga whales at Atlantis Resort which has one of the biggest aquarium in Asia. The duo will end their journey on top of a sky bar at Phoenix Island overlooking the beautiful sunset of Hainan’s sea.

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