Meet The Brides of Say Yes To The Dress Asia

The 18 blushing brides-to-be of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress Asia are here! Get an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes with snippets from the casting room interviews and learn more about the charming ladies in search of the dress of their dreams. Catch Say Yes To The Dress Asia on TLC, Fridays 9pm.

The Brave Bridezillas

Elsa’s wedding dress is in honour of her mom who passed away before the ceremony. It will be an emotional moment as she will be wearing a dress she had hoped for her mum to see.

"I think my mom would have really really loved to see the smile on my face when I wear it.”

Ellice had a tough childhood as an orphan and lived in seven different homes before she was finally adopted by her family. Despite the rough start, Ellice managed to power through every obstacle and is a driven businesswoman today. With her wedding dress, you can expect that Ellice isn’t about to follow the rules. This surprise is going to be worth the wait!

"I've been a fighter for more than half my life."

Having helped to raise her six brothers from the tender age of 15, Raja Shaheera may look like a dainty princess but she’s really one tough cookie. This boss lady is definitely going to pick a dress that suits her strong personality!

"It has to be white, it has to be wild, it has to be high fashion. It’s a new beginning for me so the dress has to be perfect."

The Bold And Beautiful

Liyana is a confident and decisive girl. Her friends call her a fashionista. Her siblings, on the other hand, are a decade older and don’t consider themselves part of her ‘instagram generation’. Liyana knows that it’s her wedding but will things go her way?

"I’m still sticking to what I want, which is not white."

Hani has a bold personality and is going all out to find her perfect dress. Much is at stake as her mom is a wedding planner whose reputation hinges on the success of her daughter’s wedding.

"Since I was young I always had this idea of how I want my dream wedding dress to be."

Bling queen Rihana wants to look like a million bucks on her wedding day and she will not settle for anything that doesn’t scream ‘royalty’. Anything for you, princess.

"I’m born to be a queen."

Strong-willed with even stronger opinions, Rachel is the eldest child in the family and has been the boss of everyone all her life. If she wants something, nothing will stop her from getting it. But will a tight shopping budget manage to derail Rachel’s dreams of finding the perfect dress?

"I’m very aggressive, when I think this is what I want, I Will Get It."

The Zesty Ones

Baljit is a traditional Punjabi girl at heart, but boy has she got the moves! Goes without saying that this dancing queen is all set to burn up the bhangra dance floor on the biggest day of her life. And she’s out to find a dress that can keep up with her moves!

"I dance everywhere, and I feel dancing makes a person happy."

Lawyer bride, Adriana has an opinionated entourage of fellow solicitors in tow. With their wit, sharp tongues and ability to laugh at themselves, it will be fun to watch the gang argue their case for Adriana’s perfect dress.

I have requested that my Lenga to be something of non-traditional colours. I want it to be really different."

What antics will a tomboy and her hilarious fiancé get up to as they shop for the perfect wedding dress? Oh and don’t forget, it has to be within the budget!

"I’m just like really chill, I don’t put a lot of effort to make myself look girly."

The Doubtful Daisies

Love truly knows no barriers. Viola is from Poland and first met her fiance Terrence in Malaysia. Fate brought them together again on a family vacation to Europe and the rest as they say, was history. Viola is looking for a glamorous Chinese Cheongsam but doesn’t know much about the Chinese culture. What tough decisions are in store for our foreign bride?

"The language of love is the most important."

Cynthia was only 15 when she met her fiancé in high school. She could only speak English while he was far from fluent. Even so, their love conquered the language barrier and the two have been together ever since. Aww! Cynthia has not made a decision without her fiance’s approval but this time she also has to contend with the views of her three fashionista friends. Let the games begin!

"For the past few years, I’ve actually not made a decision without my fiancé."

Fatin readily admits that she’s control freak with a bad case of OCD, and everyone in her entourage agrees! While she clearly likes having things her way, the pressure of the wedding and finding her perfect Fuzana Mokhtaza dress may prove too much for Fatin to handle.

"I don’t know I just need a second opinion I guess."

Mee Wei considers herself a plus size Asian woman and is looking for a dress that accentuates her ample curves. She has been to several bridal shops but has struggled to find the right fit. Can Mee Wei's friends and fiance help her find a dress that brings out her beauty, or will they leave her more confused?

"Ultimately, we don’t judge each other based on how we look. We judge each other on what’s in our hearts."

Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice

Khalidah is a real sweetheart and loves to smile, no matter what. While she has a mind of her own, saying "No" seems to be the hardest thing. Khalidah has an idea of her perfect wedding dress, but her vocal mother-in-law plans to bring one of her own creations! How will Khalidah please everyone while finding the perfect dress for herself?

"It’s hard for me to say no, that’s why there is a lot of pressure picking the dress."

Sarah is truly a Daddy’s girl and he has always helped to pick out her outfits since she was a little girl. Mom on the other hand, has strong opinions which Sarah does not always agree with. Statuesque Sarah also considers herself taller and bigger than most Malay ladies - something her parents frequently remind her about too. Will she ultimately find the dress that both Daddy and Mummy will approve?

"I don’t see eye-to-eye with my mom, I think that is how we are since we were young."

Puteri’s name actually means royalty. So it’s only fitting that she is actually marrying into a royal family. Puteri has an unlimited budget for her dress which will be paid by her mother-in-law. Their styles couldn’t be more different but Puteri can’t say no. How will this royal saga unfold?

"My fiancé is the first son, and a mommy’s boy so of course her approval will be important."

Astro deejay Nina is all grown up and about to marry. In her mother’s eyes however, Nina will always be her little princess and letting her go will be hard. Get ready to bust out the tissues because there will be waterworks.

"I can imagine the 5-year-old me would be so excited to see this."