New Taste of Hong Kong premieres for the first season, with a fresh take of exciting new food and travel experiences that will allure your senses. We will follow the footsteps of actress/TV host Bowie Tsang and Rocker Alan Ko as they pay homage to Hong Kong’s movie industry. 

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Series Concept

There is a saying that “movie is a microcosm of everyday life”. Hong Kong is also known as the Hollywood of the East and its movie is vibrant in style and storytelling. It is a silhouette of Hong Kong people’s everyday life that influence Hong Kong’s Cinema. This tremendous cultural legacy can be seen from comedy films, action films to drama films; it is a reflection of Hong Kong life; vividly portrayed.

TV Personality Bowie Tsang’s root with Hong Kong began with his father, the famous showman/movie producer Eric Tsang. Having grew up under her father’s umbrella; she’s experienced the golden days of Hong Kong’s movie industry as a second-generation star.

Rocker Alan Ko’s ties with Hong Kong started when he moved to Hong Kong with his stuntman/actor father Blackie Ko. Having most of his young adulthood surrounded by HK movie stars and being on different movie sets, his love for Hong Kong and Hong Kong film industry is imminent.

Real life friends Bowie and Alan both grew up in Hong Kong, having watched their fathers produced and casted hundreds of movies; as a film buff, they want to pay tribute to all the iconic locations made famous by the movie industry. We follow these two 2nd generations Hong Kong celebrities and see who’s better at uncovering best-kept locations for producing the next impressive film. Who’s insider knowledge of the ins and outs of Hong Kong will come out on top?

This three-episode series evolved around Old Town Central and Sham Shui Po. Known as the city of compact variety, no other place has such a collection of rich and diverse experiences. Even if the duo were only there for one week, they would explore the very best Hong Kong has to offer in terms of themed experiences. As they zipped across the island using public transports or simply relying on their own two feet- our pair would attempt to scout as many spots as possible off their itinerary.

Bowie Tsang

Alan Ko


“Walk down the memory lane, reminisce the good times, taste the nostalgic flavor of good old Hong Kong, have a cup of tea and make NEW friends along the way.”
There is something phenomenal about being in Hong Kong. Retro landscapes where the Hong Kong movie industry portrays many tales of how the Oriental Pearl meets the Hollywood West. Join our hosts Bowie and Alan as they explore Old Town Central through its famous escalator up the hill, taste the nostalgic flavor of the traditional food stall for breakfast, travel up the escalator and view the revitalized Tai Kwun. They would take a pause from the busy streets of central and stop by POHO next to Hollywood road and had a cup of tea at NANA. Would they find many worthy locations to film their next movie project? Journey with our two hosts to find out.

Recommended Visits:

  1. Street food stalls around Queen's Road
  2. Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System
  3. Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts (Hollywood Road)
  4. Man Mo Temple (Hollywood Road)
  5. Arts And Cultural District Of “POHO”


Hong Kong is a must visit city if you are going to Asia. To get a taste of the Orient, go to Hong Kong; see how the city has morphed from classic flavor to modern umami.  Join TLC’s life style hosts, as they took a deep dive into modern Hong Kong and lived like a local while gracing the pavements of the past. Join Bowie and Alan for a classic dinner at Tai Ping Koon restaurant to reminisce the delicious chicken wing in Swiss sauce and see the giant soufflé in Hong Kong. They would dance the night away at the classy Fringe Club where jazz music was still very much alive. In order to seek contrast from Old Town Central, Bowie and Alan headed to Sham Shui Po via the Subway. Upon arrival, it's a town at a slower pace of life. Accompanied by their local guide, a photographer in the neighbourhood; they would revisit the classic Tong Lau and saw how its architecture stood through time. Lastly, they would stop by Kung Wo Beancurd Factory, a 4th generation eatery in Sham Shui Po and got a taste of the classic soy milk. The owner Renee would give them a tip on where to look for more locations suitable for filmmaking.

Recommended Visits:

  1. Tai Ping Koon Restaurant (Old Town Central)
  2. Fringe Club (Old Town Central)
  3. Kung Wo Beancurd Factory (Sham Shui Po)


As the TLC hosts pull out the little black book in their pocket and rekindled with their childhood memories, we would take a behind the scene look as Alan and Bowie scouted Sham Shui Po’s Lui Seng Chun and taste the famous herbal tea. Recommended by their local photographer friend, they went to Da-nan street and saw how artists of different background gather here and breath new life into crafts, arts, and coffee shops. Finally, they visited the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design HK), and checked out the creative revival from what use to be the location of the Kowloon Magistracy Building is now a design college. How could they end the scouting trip without feeding their foodie spirit, the duo brought their appetite to Han-Fa Noodles and found out why this is still the favorites among Hong Kong celebrities.

Recommended Visits:

  1.   Lui Seng Chun (Grade 1 historic building)
  2.   SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design HK)
  3.   Han-Fa Noodles
  4.   YHA Mei Ho House (Former Shek Kip Mei Estate)