THE KINGS | A love story with no labels

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Fame. Power. Wealth. Glamour. Angie and Joey Mead King have everything you could ever ask for. But what happens when the love of your life decides that he wants to become a she?

Join us on an intimate and inspirational journey into the life of businessman, car connoisseur, and transgender woman Angie Mead King. Previously known as Ian Angelo King, Angie also owns Victoria Court, a popular hotel chain in Manila. Angie’s wife, Joey Mead King, is an established international model turned TV host, who has in turn, mentored many young aspiring models to achieve their dreams. The perfect pin-up couple who seemingly have it all, Angie took the Philippines by storm when news first broke on social media, unveiling one of the most unconventional love stories of the modern world. 

Does true love go beyond labels and appearances? Intimately told by the couple themselves for the first time ever, TLC goes behind the scenes of this high-profile marriage between a transgender woman and her celebrity spouse in the public eye.

“Being a spouse to Angie makes me feel like a pretty amazing human being.”
- Joey Mead King, supermodel and wife of Angie Mead King

Q&A with Angie and Joey Mead King | an exclusive event