• 120g glutinous rice flour
  • 100g sweet potato (Steamed and mashed)
  • 40g tapioca flour
  • 20 pieces pandan leaves
  • 100 ml water
  • 20 ml oil
  • 30g sugar


  • 100g gula melaka (coconut sugar)


  • 100g grated coconut (fresh)


  1. Chop 100g palm sugar and set aside
  2. Cut 20 pandan leaves into small pieces and add to blender with 100ml of water
  3. Blend into a smooth mixture, pour it through a cheesecloth, squeeze out the pandan extract and set aside
  4. Sift 120g glutinous rice flour and also sift 40g tapioca flour in a bowl
  5. Next add mashed sweet potato, sugar and oil. Mix in 100ml pandan extract a little at a time, and mix well until dough forms
  6. Knead and roll dough into 20g balls
  7. Press a dent into the center of the ball and knead to form a little pouch
  8. Add gula Melaka filling, seal the pouch and roll into a ball
  9. Create a swirl in a pot of boiling water and drop the balls in one at a time, to prevent them from sticking to the pot
  10. When the balls start to float cook for another 2 minutes
  11. Remove rice balls and coat with fresh grated coconut

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