“Wait, what?” The Most Awkward Moments From Say Yes To The Dress Asia

Everyone loves awkward moments, except when they are in one. And when it comes to weddings, the awkward meter only shoots skywards. Here are the top most awkward moments from TLC Southeast Asia’s Say Yes To The Dress Asia

#1   When all you wanted was to be part of your husband’s culture, he thinks you look great but also like a vampire. Uh.oh.

#2   Want to marry into royalty? Well, you have to get through the queen first. What can we say… Welcome to the family, princess.

#3   When you don’t take your friend’s “expert” opinion… Sorry honey, it’s all business

#4   When your parents announce you have a big butt without batting an eyelid. #savage.

#5   When the fiancé turns up to have a say on what he’s paying for. Sounds… legit?

#6   When you witness the same fiancé give a conciliatory high five to an expensive dress he can’t buy. Now we’ve seen everything.

#7   When your brother is so far away from fashion that he calls the wedding gown a tissue paper and you a cake. How about some cake toppers to go with that?

#8   When you think you are high fashion but everyone else thinks you’re a bird. L.O.L

#9   When your attempt to please the mother-in-law transforms you into a sex goddess. O.K.A.Y

Get the popcorn out and enjoy more awkward moments in action, on Say Yes To The Dress Asia, every Friday night 9PM (SEA/MY) and 8PM (BKK/JKT).